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Remodeling a small bathroom can be a challenge because there are so many things to consider. However, with the help of 1 Day Bath of Texas, you can easily find the best option for your needs. We are a 5star rated, fully insured bathroom and kitchen remodeling company in Austin, TX. We specialize in small bathroom remodels, and we have the experience and expertise to help you transform your space into something you love.

Here are five of the best ways to remodel a small bathroom:

1. Get rid of unnecessary clutter.

One of the main reasons why small bathrooms can feel cramped is because of all the unnecessary clutter. If you get rid of things that you don’t use on a regular basis, it will free up a lot of space and make your bathroom feel more spacious.

2. Choose light colors.

Another way to make a small bathroom feel bigger is by choosing light colors for the walls and ceiling. This will create the illusion of more space and make the room feel brighter and airier.

3. Add storage space.

Adding additional storage space is always a good idea, regardless of the size of your bathroom. You can add shelves, cabinets, or even put up hooks to maximize the space in your bathroom.

4. Update the fixtures.

Old, outdated fixtures can make a small bathroom look even smaller. By updating fixtures such as the sink, toilet, and showerhead, you can give your bathroom an updated look that will make it appear larger.

5. Use mirrors wisely.

Mirrors are great for making a small space appear larger than it actually is. When placed strategically, they can reflect light and make your bathroom appear brighter and more spacious.

If you’re looking for help with your next small bathroom remodeling project, call 1 Day Bath of Texas at 512-759-0160 to schedule a consultation today!

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