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Bathroom Remodeling by 1 Day Bath of Texas

Are you looking to add a nice touch to your Austin bathroom with a replacement bath, a new shower, or another bathroom remodeling project? You can contact us at 1 Day Bath of Texas for help with getting your Austin bathroom remodeled to match your exact specifications. We have years of experience with remodeling bathrooms of all sorts. We can help you convert your bathtub to a shower or with any bathroom remodeling that you need assistance with.

Why Replace Your Austin Bathtub or Shower?

When considering a Bathroom Remodel in Austin know that your Bathtubs simply are not going to last forever. You’ll need to get a new bathtub after a number of years, especially if you are noticing any of these problems with your current Austin bathtub:

  • Your tub is not all that easy to clean off. Grime and mold may develop as your surface becomes increasingly porous.
  • The finish in your bathtub is cracked or worn. A new acrylic bath liner may help restore the look and feel of your bathroom.
  • Your needs have changed! Your existing tub might be too small or might not be as useful as a tub and shower combo unit.

Austin, TX Bathroom Remodeling Options

In Austin you have many choices to work with when it comes to getting a new bathroom remodeling project ready. Here are a few of the more prominent options for you to consider:

  • replacement tub can add a bit of comfort to your bathroom and can come in many sizes and types. We also offer replacement baths that come with combination shower features, which are very popular.
  • A combo bathtub and shower will provide you with a flexible space that offers a comforting soaking or the flexibility to take a quick shower.
  • replacement shower enclosure will provide you with a beautiful addition to your bathroom. The setup may come with a seat or steam shower feature or even a tiling finish depending on your preferences.
  • A walk-in bath will provide you with a space that you can enter in without difficulty. The bath includes a low-rise entry space and can feature grab bars among other accessibility points. The walk-in bath is ideal for those looking to age in place and desires extra assistance with entering the bath.

Replacement Bath Materials in Austin

You also have many options to consider when finding replacement bath materials you can trust. These include such materials as:

  • Acrylic adds a sturdy body that is highly customizable. The surface does not require any sort of maintenance.
  • Fiberglass is appealing for being light in weight and low in maintenance, although prone to fracturing or cracking, which detracts from the beauty of the tub.
  • Enameled steel is made with a thin steel sheet that is coated in porcelain. The sturdy design provides a useful look that will last for years, but excessively heavy.
  • Cast iron is a form of molded iron that is poured into a preformed shape. The material works well, but extra persons will be required when getting it added in your bathroom.
  • Granite is luxurious for offering a natural stone look, but it does require specialized installation and rigorous maintenance.

Why Choose 1 Day Bath of Texas for Austin Bathroom Remodeling

Choosing us at 1 Day Bath of Texas for your Austin bathroom remodeling needs can make a real difference for your next big project. Our team will discuss your project with you and provide you with many options that will fit your budget. Our team at 1 Day Bath of Texas is ready to help you with getting a new tub or any bathroom remodeling project ready at your Austin home.

Contact us for a free Austin Bathroom Remodeling consultation where we can help you find a solution that fits your needs and is available in many forms. You can choose from various materials for your bathroom to get a style that you have always wanted. Contact us online or by phone today, and we’ll get started with your big task.

Other Austin Bath Remodel Options:

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30% OFF with 12 Months of NO Payments + NO Interest Financing!

30% OFF with 12 Months of NO Payments + NO Interest Financing!

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1 Day Bath of Texas treats our customers like family.  We customer satisfaction priority #1.   See what our clients have to say:

Linda review 1 day bath of texas

We had been wanting to remodel our bathrooms for a while, but we didn’t really have a lot of money set aside. We consulted with Ken who was extremely friendly. He understood our budget and helped us find a way to upgrade our bathroom at a reasonable cost. I love our new fixtures and bathtub overlays. They made a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of our bathroom.


Linda, Austin, TX

Christy review 1 day bath of texas

My husband finally agreed we could remodel our bathroom after 8 years. Last time it wasnt even a full remodel and the other company took 3 weeks. My best friend recommend 1 Day Bath of Texas, and I am so happy I went with them. I booked a appointment and they had the most affordable quote around. The best part it took a day to do the work and it looks so amazing! A big thank you to Dave, you really made our experience wonderful.


Christy, Round Rock, TX

Jenn review 1 day bath of texas

After my house flooded and I was forced to remodel my bathrooms, Eric was there to make the experience as seamless as possible. Not only did he take his time to educate me on the different types of options I had available, but his expertise helped me make informed decisions that can actually increase the value of my home. My new bathrooms are beautiful and I have already received so many compliments. I highly recommend them!


Jenn, San Marcos, TX

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Google Reviews 1 Day Bath of Texas 2 - 1 Day Bath of Texas
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