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Get your Bath, Shower, or Walk-In tub installed in as little as 1 Day!

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Google Reviews 1 Day Bath of Texas 2 - 1 Day Bath of Texas
5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 50 reviews)

Thank you

5.0 rating
October 6, 2020

Even though they were not able to assist with my project, they kind and very guick to respond with great professionalism. Thank you.

Elizabeth Jack

Great Installers!

5.0 rating
September 28, 2020

I had a bathroom that needed a serious overhaul. These guys got the job done quickly and I couldn’t be happier with my new bathroom. Lauren was wonderful to work with. I definitely recommend them for your renovation needs.

Emily Szatmary

Very happy

5.0 rating
September 18, 2020

The crew that did most of the work did an excellent job,very pleased.I recommend them to anyone considering a bath remodel.

DAN Cusmano

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness, Value

5.0 rating
September 6, 2020

New shower looks great! We encountered a few challenges during the remodel, mostly related to holidays interfering with getting new materials for mis-cut material provided by vendor. Once that was done, their sub-contractor came in to install the shower glass. Mostly went well except for a few quality items we had to go back to Don to get them to address.
Note: quality issues were strictly sub-contractor – Don’s team did fabulous work. Sub addressed the issues today so all is well.
4-stars rather than 5 stars due to less conscientious sub-contractor work quality. 1 Day Bath’s direct work was wonderful.

Van Martin

I’m glad we called!

5.0 rating
August 25, 2020

We wanted to remodel our bathroom for a long time but didn’t think we’d be able to afford it. I convinced my husband to let me get a quote and they came back with a reasonable price plus financing! I’m glad we called!

Jennifer Wilson

Good Looking Bathroom Fast

5.0 rating
March 3, 2020

Very happy with the experience getting our bathroom remodeled. We had family coming in for our wedding and needed it done very soon. 1 Day Bath came through and we’re very happy with our new shower.

Annie Walker

Quality Work

5.0 rating
March 3, 2020

Decided to go with 1 day bath of texas for my master. The guys were great, they were very communicative, helped me the entire way through. They discovered more mold behind the wall than we anticipated but they worked with me on the price to keep in within budget. All around grade A work. Would definitely recommend.

Ryan Green

Great bath remodeling

5.0 rating
November 1, 2019

Great company!

Nate A

Greatly appreciated

5.0 rating
November 1, 2019

We recently had our Master Bath shower remodeled by 1 Day Bath of Texas. Excellent craftsmanship! Thanks to Martin for his attention at details on the installation. Thanks to Lauren for her professionalism in staying in touch afterward.

Den M

Great remodeling experience

5.0 rating
November 1, 2019

My fiancé and I love our new bathroom remodel and had the best experience with 1 Day Bath of Texas! Everyone we worked with was professional and super helpful!

Lauren C

Love our new walk in tub!

5.0 rating
October 30, 2019

I contracted One Day Bath of Texas to install a Walk-In Tub for my mother (who is getting a bit older and I have been worried about her taking shower or getting into normal bathtubs). After setting everything up with their office manager, they came out 3 weeks after signing the contract and finished my mother’s new tub in only 1 day! She is now very happy with her bathing arrangements, and I have peace of mind that she will be safer in the bathroom for many years to come.

Happy Customer

Tub to shower conversion

5.0 rating
October 16, 2019

Great tub-to-shower conversion! The price was way better than any other quotes I received, and couldn’t be happier with the job they did 🙂

Satisfied customer

Master bathroom

5.0 rating
October 10, 2019

Recently bought a new house, but I hated the master bathroom. Decided to remodel it. This company did a good job at first, but it wasn’t as good as I wanted. After talking to them about my complaints, they came back out and finished everything I asked them to do. I love my new bathroom now!

Austin Resident

Very happy

5.0 rating
October 2, 2019

I work on flipping houses in Austin and after several mishaps trying to do the bathrooms myself, I decided to try One Day Bath of Texas for one of the bathroom remodels. They were very easy to work with and the finished product came out better than I expected! I now plan on working with them for anytime I need to do a bathroom remodel on one of my houses.

Local Home Flipper

Passed the test

5.0 rating
September 17, 2019

I can be a little tough on contractors (my husband was a contractor) and these guys definitely passed the test. I was tough on them and they responded to a few difficult requests I had (maybe even stronger than “request”), but we got along just fine and I’m very happy with the work.


Best experience!

5.0 rating
September 13, 2019

From our our first encounter with the project manager to the last day of the project everything went wonderfully! Thank you so much One Day Bath of Texas for all your hard work!


Love our new bathroom!!

5.0 rating
September 13, 2019

My fiance and I love our new bathroom! One Day Bath of Texas was so great to us! The process was smooth and everyone was so nice that was involved. Thank you guys for helping with our new addition to our home!


Better walk in tub

5.0 rating
September 12, 2019

My Dad needed a walk in tub. We went with a different company and they brought us one that the door banged into the toilet. So we called One Day Bath and they showed up with a much better tub than the other company and installed it and did shower walls around it that are way prettier. Get the upgraded jets, air, massage. Its worth it.

Jared Elliot

1 Day Doesn’t Mean Cheap

5.0 rating
September 11, 2019

Anticipating their arrival, I began to think this was going to be a cheap company with a name like “1 Day Bath of Texas”. They proceeded to act very professionally, showed me some great samples of several different products, and gained my confidence almost immediately. After speaking with my wife, we decided to choose them, and we’re glad we did. They told us this was a larger project and wouldn’t take 1 day of course, but we were very happy with the protection they put down for our hardwood floors, the job was excellent, and their cleanup was to par as well.

Parker Carlson

Small bathroom remodel, done in one day

5.0 rating
September 3, 2019

A friend of mine told me about 1 Day Bath of Texas after I couldn’t get over her new beautiful bath tub and walk-in shower. My bathroom is very small and I was not sure how to maximize the space, but but when I met with Sal he was able to make some great recommendations. A couple of days later Dave came out and just like their name, the bath remodel was done in less than a day. If you are in a similar situation you should definitely give them a call, they were much more attentive and pleasant than other big box companies I reached out to.


1 Day Bath of Texas is the best!

5.0 rating
August 20, 2019

I was given an extremely affordable quote that no one in town could beat. They came and did the work so quickly. This is the most respectful, friendly and professional bathroom remodeling company I have had the pleasure of working with.

Alysa G

Great walk-in bathtubs

5.0 rating
August 15, 2019

I have joint pain, so when I was looking into a walk-in tub, 1 Day Bath of Texas checked all the boxes for price, quality, and communication. I enjoyed working with Don and his team.

Rudy T

No Title

5.0 rating
August 9, 2019

I was hesitant on remodeling our bathroom. I really didn’t want to have a lot of strangers and contractors in my home for a week. I called my dad, he had his bathroom remodeled and he recommended 1 Day Bath of Texas, he said they were great trustworthy people.
He was right! Not only was I comfortable, but they did just what they said. They did a fantastic job. Honestly hard to believe they did such a great job so quickly! My bathroom is by far the best room in our house!

Victoria E.

Fantastic job, highly recommend for bath remodeling

5.0 rating
August 1, 2019

After my house flooded, I was forced to remodel my bathrooms to fix damages, and Eric from One Day Bath of Texas was there to make the experience as seamless as possible. My new bathrooms are amazing and I have already received so many compliments. I highly recommend One Day Bath of Texas!

Jenn S

1 day bath remodel, done in 1 day!

5.0 rating
July 22, 2019

It took 1 day! I’m sitting in my beautiful bathroom now, and I still don’t know how you did it so quickly but thank you. Y’all are the best.

Rachel R

Great price for a great bathtub

5.0 rating
July 8, 2019

My old bathtub had to go. I got tired of having to spray chemicals over and over to kill the mold.
While I was shopping, everything seemed out of reach on the expensive side, but I found a quote in my price range through 1 Day Bath of Texas.

barb w

One day install – turned out great!!!

5.0 rating
July 7, 2019

Our family finally agreed we could remodel our bathroom after 8 years. Last time it wasn’t even a full remodelling project and the other company took three weeks. My best friend recommended 1 Day Bath of Texas, and I am so happy I chose them. They had the most affordable quote we received. The best part it took one day to do the work and it looks so great! A big thank you to Dave, you really made our remodeling experience wonderful.

Belle T.

Great bathroom remodeling for accessibility/medical help

5.0 rating
June 24, 2019

Mike and everyone at 1 Day Bath are so professional and extremely helpful.
Above all they made us feel like family. Thanks again!

Jess P

Fast bathtub remodeling

5.0 rating
June 23, 2019

I honestly cant believe how quickly they installed everything, plus the quality of work was outstanding. I’m grateful to 1 Day Bath of Texas. I’m even happier with how affordable it was! Y’all have to be the best bathroom remodelers!

Kevin R

Great master bath remodel

5.0 rating
June 5, 2019

1 Day Bath of Texas was great. I compared prices and they were significantly less money and even though I was reluctant Sal helped reassure me I would love the result. Well, Sal was right! My new master bath is to die for.

Garret T

Helped us with accessibility bath

5.0 rating
May 30, 2019

Overall, everything about 1 Day Bath of Texas was a great experience. It was affordable, and that was perfect. 1 Day Bath of Texas is the best bath remodeler in Texas!

Larry H

No Title

5.0 rating
May 9, 2019

1 Day Bath of Texas blew me away. With all the competition around, they outbid them all, it was almost half the price of the others. My wife and my wallet are both happy!

David K

Professional and fast bathroom remodelers

5.0 rating
May 3, 2019

We renovated a small bathroom on the 2nd floor of our home. We live in a listed property and they were also helpful.
The process was professional. Don, Sal, and Dave worked with good teamwork, we got a great result.

Neils J

Fixed flooded bathrooms, no problem

5.0 rating
April 22, 2019

1 Day Bath of Texas approved me for financing! 12 months no money down. I was so lucky I found them after the flooding. They are such a family friendly company and I loved the work they did.

Margie G

Would recommend! Made my dream bathroom remodel come true

5.0 rating
April 4, 2019

To my surprise, I was able to get everything I wanted out of my dream bathroom at a fraction of the price that I was quoted from another home improvement store. Mike and everyone at 1 Day Bath of Texas were fantastic, so glad I found them!

Jessie T.

Great financing for fixer-upper bath remodel

5.0 rating
March 18, 2019

We are getting ready to sell our parent’s home. The realtor suggested that we make a few upgrades since nothing has been remodeled for years. Not wanting to spend a lot of money, I found 1 Day Bath of Texas. They offered no-interest financing, which was awesome, because that way I could wait until the house sold to pay it off.

Happy customer

Safe for the little one, looks great too

5.0 rating
March 14, 2019

I would definitely suggest anyone looking to baby-proof your bathroom, see Sal at 1 Day Bath of Texas, he was fantastic and so knowledgeable.

Jenna R

Shower remodel – looks amazing!

5.0 rating
February 22, 2019

We bought a home and the bathrooms were nice, but I really wanted one of those sharp showers with frameless glass doors. 1 Day Bath of Texas did the install just how we hoped, at a lower cost then their competitors. Thanks Dave for the great work on our shower!

Sam L.

Refered by a friend – great bathroom remodelers!

5.0 rating
February 11, 2019

A friend suggested I check at 1 Day Bath of Texas, and Ken was great. I was approved for 12 months, no-interest financing plus everything was done in one day. From the start, this was a quick and easy process, my only regret is not starting it sooner.

Gary T

Accessible bathroom – looks great, too!

5.0 rating
January 18, 2019

We wanted a bathroom remodel that would help our mother in her wheelchair, but we couldn’t help but add some fancy new hardware, which really elevated the bathroom’s looks.

Linda D.

Done in hours, looks just fantastic

5.0 rating
January 6, 2019

Dave did the guest bathroom remodel and I was stunned by his impressive craftsmanship. He did everything in a couple of hours and the results are perfect. Will be having Dave come back and do my master bathroom. Great work!

Harvey K

Fantastic bathroom remodeling experience.

5.0 rating
December 3, 2018

We had a great experience with 1DBT. Michael and his team were amazing and my remodel came out great.

Alex K

Phenomenal bathtub installers

5.0 rating
November 11, 2018

1 Day Bath of Texas was phenomenal. They had an excellent sales team who were all very knowledgeable. The process was seamless and painless and now our old moldy bathroom is my new favorite addition to the house.

Rhonda T

Best of 7 quotes we got

5.0 rating
October 15, 2018

My wife and I were thinking about upgrading our master walk-in shower but after meeting with Sal, and explaining to him our goals to eventually sell our town-home, we decided to upgrade all of our bathrooms. He made recommendations to us that we trusted after a very honest conversation and SEVEN other quotes that we got.
All experts at bath remodeling. 5-stars, no question.

Brian D

One day baths, true to the name!

5.0 rating
September 15, 2018

Very happy with the quality of craftsmanship and customer service of 1 Day Bath of Texas. Other companies quoted me almost twice the amount and scheduled to complete work in 1-2 weeks. 1 Day Bath of Texas came out and did a complete remodel and upgrade in one day!

Donna P

Great service for bathroom remodeling

5.0 rating
September 9, 2018

This is the most honest and fastest remodeling service I ever used. Great bath remodleers

Alexis O.A.

Great experience, great people

5.0 rating
August 6, 2018

I had an amazing experience with One Day Bath of Texas. Great People, great products, and we love the look of the bath!

Tony M

Affordable shower remodeling

5.0 rating
June 26, 2018

I couldn’t be happier with my shower remodel and I am even happier about the price.

Nancy D

Great financing for replacement bathtub

5.0 rating
June 6, 2018

I couldn’t have gotten this done without financing. I’m glad Sal & Don got me approved for 12 months interest free. I can afford that. Big thanks.

Ralph N

Financing for bathroom remodeling 5-stars!

5.0 rating
May 15, 2018

I actually didn’t do a project with them because the financing didn’t work out for me but they were helpful and work with me to fix my credit for 3-4 months and I’m doing the project in about 2 months. No other company has ever done anything like that for me. Great great guys.

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Linda review 1 day bath of texas

We had been wanting to remodel our bathrooms for a while, but we didn’t really have a lot of money set aside. We consulted with Ken who was extremely friendly. He understood our budget and helped us find a way to upgrade our bathroom at a reasonable cost. I love our new fixtures and bathtub overlays. They made a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of our bathroom.


Linda, Austin, TX

Christy review 1 day bath of texas

My husband finally agreed we could remodel our bathroom after 8 years. Last time it wasnt even a full remodel and the other company took 3 weeks. My best friend recommend 1 Day Bath of Texas, and I am so happy I went with them. I booked a appointment and they had the most affordable quote around. The best part it took a day to do the work and it looks so amazing! A big thank you to Dave, you really made our experience wonderful.


Christy, Round Rock, TX

Jenn review 1 day bath of texas

After my house flooded and I was forced to remodel my bathrooms, Eric was there to make the experience as seamless as possible. Not only did he take his time to educate me on the different types of options I had available, but his expertise helped me make informed decisions that can actually increase the value of my home. My new bathrooms are beautiful and I have already received so many compliments. I highly recommend them!


Jenn, San Marcos, TX

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