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Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2024: What’s In and What’s Out

Bathroom remodeling continues to evolve, bringing in fresh ideas that combine functionality and style. As we move into 2024, homeowners in Old West Austin have the opportunity to update their bathrooms with the latest trends. Here are the top ten trends to consider, along with what’s phasing out.

  1. In: Nature-Inspired Designs

Nature-inspired designs are making a big splash in 2024. Think earthy tones, natural materials, and organic shapes. Stone sinks, wooden vanities, and greenery are key elements that bring a serene, spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom. On the other hand, purely industrial looks with harsh lines and cold materials are on their way out. People now prefer the calming effect of nature within their homes.

  1. In: Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are becoming the centerpiece of luxury bathrooms. They offer a sense of elegance and relaxation, transforming any bathroom into a retreat. These tubs come in various styles, from classic clawfoot to modern minimalist designs. Built-in tubs with bulky surrounds are declining in popularity as they take up more space and lack the visual appeal of their freestanding counterparts.

  1. In: Smart Bathrooms

The integration of smart technology in bathrooms is a trend that’s here to stay. Features like motion-sensor faucets, smart mirrors with built-in lighting and defoggers, and voice-activated showers enhance convenience and efficiency. Conversely, outdated fixtures and technology-free spaces are quickly becoming relics of the past as homeowners embrace the benefits of smart living.

  1. In: Bold Tiles and Patterns

Bold, patterned tiles are taking center stage in 2024. From vibrant geometric designs to intricate mosaics, these tiles add a unique and personalized touch to bathroom spaces. They can be used on floors, walls, or even as an accent feature. Subtle, plain tiles are being overshadowed by these statement pieces that bring character and depth to the room.

  1. In: Double Vanities

Double vanities are highly sought after for their practicality and style. They provide ample space for couples or families to get ready simultaneously, making morning routines smoother. Additionally, double vanities add a balanced and symmetrical look to the bathroom. Single vanities are becoming less popular in larger bathrooms where space allows for the installation of dual sinks.

  1. In: Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers are trending due to their sleek appearance and ease of access. They are particularly favored in bathroom remodels for their open, airy feel and modern aesthetic. Curbless designs enhance accessibility and create a seamless transition from the bathroom floor to the shower. Shower-tub combos, especially in master bathrooms, are becoming less common as people prioritize the convenience and sophistication of walk-in showers.

Out: Clutter and Excessive Decoration

Minimalism continues to influence bathroom design, favoring clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Overly decorated bathrooms with numerous knick-knacks, heavy curtains, and excessive shelving are out. Instead, homeowners are opting for a few carefully chosen decor pieces that enhance rather than overwhelm the space.

Out: Overly Traditional Fixtures

While classic designs have their charm, overly traditional fixtures are being replaced with more contemporary choices. Sleek, modern faucets, streamlined cabinets, and frameless mirrors are now preferred over ornate, heavily detailed fixtures that can make a bathroom feel dated.

Updating your bathroom with these 2024 trends can enhance both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re looking to incorporate nature-inspired elements or integrate the latest smart technology, there’s a trend to suit every style and preference. 

When you’re ready to transform your bathroom, call 1 Day Bath of Texas at (512) 812-7975 for a free quote. Embrace the new trends and create a bathroom that’s not only beautiful but also a joy to use.

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